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Gaining American citizenship is harder than it seems. At times, it can feel downright impossible. But The Law Office of Mario Ortiz Saroldi can help. I'm an immigration lawyer based in El Paso, TX with extensive knowledge of the immigration process.

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3 paths to citizenship

3 paths to citizenship

There are a few different ways to gain citizenship. Depending on your situation, your immigration lawyer may recommend getting citizenship through:

  1. An immigrant visa - This could be an option for anyone who wants to enter and live in the United States
  2. Naturalization - This may be the right option for you if you're already a lawful permanent resident
  3. Asylum - This is an option for those fleeing persecution due to race, religion, nationality or political opinion

The Law Offices of Mario Ortiz Saroldi specialize in immigration cases. We can help you with your case to adjust your immigration status, or to become a lawful permanent resident, or citizen. We can help you with immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. Plus, we provide a strong and capable deportation defense! If you have an asylum case, inadmissibility, bond proceedings, or questions about the DACA program, call now 915-800-1111