You Don't Necessarily Have to Pay That Traffic Ticket

You Don't Necessarily Have to Pay That Traffic Ticket

Get help with traffic violations in the El Paso, TX area

Traffic tickets might seem like no big deal. It can feel easier just to pay the fine and be done with it. But traffic violations can have serious consequences, including the eventual suspension of your license. Don't just accept the charges without a fight. Turn to The Law Office of Mario Ortiz Saroldi for help.

I have extensive experience as a traffic violation lawyer and can help you resolve your case with a favorable outcome. I'll help you protect your driving record, spare you from increases to your insurance premiums and eliminate fines. You can also rest assured that I'll make every effort to resolve your case without you having to show up in court. Contact a skilled traffic violation lawyer in El Paso, TX to fight your case.

I can help with all kinds of violations

No matter what kind of situation you're in, I can help. I have years of experience with traffic violations involving...

  • Class C misdemeanors, including animal control tickets
  • Driving without corrective lenses
  • Texas State Trooper violations
  • Speeding in school zones
  • Lack of insurance tickets
  • Ordinance violations
  • Trucking violations
  • Moving violations
  • Stop sign tickets
  • Red light tickets

You can also call me for help with commercial drivers license tickets and recall of warrants. Protect your right to drive by calling 915-800-1111 now.